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Group Travel

Grab Your Family and Friends and Go!

Sharing a special vacation or journey with those whom you are connected can result in unforgettable lifetime memories. Whether it’s enjoying the beach during Spring break with other high school families, being amazed by the artwork at the Louvre with couples from the cul-de-sae or gazing starstruck at the Northern Lights with co-workers on an incentive trip, experiencing it with others makes your vacation richer. 

Let our experienced Acendas Travel advisors design the perfect group experience for you. We’ll take care of all the details, so all you and your fellow travelers have to do is show up and enjoy the vacation.

We Listen When We Plan a Tour for Group Travel

While traveling with a group can lead to amazing vacation adventures, the extra moving parts of planning a tour with a group can be a bit more challenging. When we help plan a tour or any other group travel, “more isn’t always better.” In fact, one of the two questions we ask is, “How many people, and how long?” Typically, if you are planning a tour with a small group, you may be able to travel comfortably longer. As the group gets larger, you may consider a getaway that’s a bit shorter.

At Acendas Travel, our experienced group advisors know the questions to ask. We know where the headaches can arise. We know the challenges. We are here to help ensure everyone in your group has a good time. Need recommendations? Want a special tour added on? Want to extend your stay? You can rely on your Acendas Travel advisor to make arrangements, add a personal touch, and enhance your group travel experience. See more fun opportunities for family travel here.