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River Cruising

Winding Down the River

The very nature of travel taps into the human need for exploration and adventure. River cruises offer sites and experiences that many other types of travel can’t match. It is the most intimate form of travel.

Peaceful and scenic, river cruising offers a smooth, gentle ride along the world’s most remarkable waterways. Supreme comfort and convenience make it one of the best ways to experience magnificent cities, historic villages, and little-seen enclaves. Imagine the natural beauty of the river’s banks combined with colorful local scenery and castles and vineyards on both sides.

Benefits of River Cruising with Acendas Travel

When you plan a travel excursion on a river cruise with Acendas Travel, you will enjoy the excitement of waking up in a new town docked just steps from markets, museums, and landmarks. Ships rest close to the town center, so you can easily sample local culture and favorite pastimes. Simply walk off the boat and into the heart of the city.

The following are some additional benefits:

With Acendas Travel by your side, you’ll find a sense of adventure and home all in one river cruising vacation. The sites, scenery, and destinations of river cruises are ever-evolving.

What to Expect When River Cruising

Typically, river vessels accommodate a mere 150 passengers. That means you will never wait in a long line to board or disembark. They also feature smaller tours and intimate meal settings with open seating. You can expect a warm, personal atmosphere accentuated by five-star service. 

And your inclusive river cruise vacation provides incredible value. On a river cruise, your vacation’s price tag doesn’t keep adding up. Learn more about the joy of being on the river here.