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Keep Calm & Travel On: All the Things You Need to Know About Group Travel

When you think of group travel, does the image of a large tour bus shuttling strangers to and fro come to mind? While this may be Hollywood’s interpretation (including said tour bus broken down on the side of the road), group travel is far from what you see in the movies. Instead, group travel often leads to beautiful memories of travel experiences with friends, family, and colleagues that you will cherish for years to come! Read along to learn about group travel and what you gain from booking your trip with a trusted travel advisor.

What is group travel?

In short, group travel occurs when individuals travel together to the same destination. Groups can range from small (ten people or less) to large and can be private or escorted.

What does group travel look like?

Group travel trips can be of different types, including;

  • Incentive trips make an exciting & desirable reward for top employees at many companies.
  • Faith-based travel. Take a spiritual journey and walk in the footsteps of your faith as you explore the religious sites of the world.
  • Pre-nuptial celebrations like bachelor and bachelorette trips. From tropical getaways to wine country rendezvous, enjoy quality time with friends and family before walking down the aisle.
  • Destination weddings. Experience your dream wedding in an incredible location, from intimate ceremonies to over-the-top days-long celebrations across the globe.
  • Reunions. Family,friends, or alums – reuniting never felt so good!
  • Multi-generation family leisure vacations. Nothing compares to time spent together. Families often prefer the ease of a resort or cruise, which has something for everyone, including games, events, excursions, and plenty of leisure opportunities.
  • Milestone celebrations like birthdays, anniversaries, and graduations.

What does it take to make group travel successful?

Organization, time, expertise, and insider knowledge of the destination.

Planning group travel isn’t for the faint of heart. Creating and executing a group itinerary requires a great deal of organization and time. Travel advisors will manage group transportation, including travel to the destination, like flights, and any transportation needs throughout the trip, such as trains and shuttles. Doing so requires great familiarity with airlines to ensure that travelers make it from their individual point A, to the same point B, and back again in one piece.

The success of a travel advisor relies heavily on their insider knowledge, including familiarity with worldwide destinations, staying up to date on current events, and understanding cultural differences. Advisors gain this knowledge behind the scenes and alongside other travelers. They’re scoping out the best resorts for families, connecting with wedding planners, meeting with local tour guides, and ensuring they deliver on their promises.

How can you save when booking group travel?

Work directly with a travel advisor. Many airlines, resorts, cruise lines, and hotel brands offer discounts to exclusive travel partners, giving travel advisors access to group travel deals not found in the general market.

Even when a travel advisor can’t find an unpublished deal, their longstanding relationship with travel vendors gives them access to exclusive perks such as early check-ins and room upgrades. You’ll spend the same amount or less when you book with a travel advisor, but you will also get insider knowledge, promotions, exclusive access, and help when needed – all of which are priceless.

How to keep calm and travel on?

You guessed it – book with a travel advisor! Depending on your group, there may be various ages, personalities, handicaps, and interests to consider. A travel advisor is a wonderful asset who will remain neutral regarding differing opinions and personalize each detail to ensure everyone enjoys the trip equally. Ready to plan your group trip?

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