Acendas Vacations

The Calm after the Storm: Re-Imagining Travel

Ellie Noyes: Vice President, Vacation Division, Acendas Travel:

When I have the opportunity to speak with Acendas Travel clients, I tell them that I am no different from them -I share the love for travel and embrace the memories that traveling has given me.

And just like them, I’ve been disappointed that I have not been able to go out and explore the world. I too have postponed a trip — a couple of times. But I’ve also taken the same advice I give to them. This is not a missed opportunity. It is only a delay.

That’s a tough thought to process, especially when much of our travel is to mark a special milestone or event: a wedding, anniversary, family-reunion, retirement, etc. But travel is not going anywhere. The beaches of the Bahamas, the wilderness of Alaska, the rivers of Europe and the seas of the South Paciifc are still there. And the good news is our favorite destinations will wait until we are ready. That is my message to prospective travelers — do not let that flame extinguish.

As a travel agency, we gain nothing personally or for the business by pushing people beyond their comfort zone. Acendas Travel is all about lasting relationships. If you are ready to travel now, We’ll listen to your desires and with your input design an enjoyable experience. We’ll provide you the information on any changes in process or procedure brought on by the pandemic.

If you want to wait, we can look at options to book. Regardless of whether you have future travel credits, it might be advantageous to book now and lock in your favorite itinerary because it might not be available later. Our travel partners have drafted extremely generous cancellation/postponement policies to the point where the financial implications are minimal to none. And if you don’t want to lock in anything now, we are happy to listen and answer any questions you may have so when the time is right, you’re ahead of the game.

How do you keep the travel flame burning? Here are some thoughts that some of our clients have suggested:

  • Search the web, Netflix, Apple TV, Travel Channel, etc. for travel documentaries and featured destinations, setting a goal to watch one or two a week.
  • Work a puzzle or read a book focusing on a favorite destination or travel experience.
  • Focus on the food or a particular region — host a small party and plan a menu.
  • Pull out those photo albums and videos from past vacations. 
  • Go to your bucket list, pick a destination t
  • o which you have never traveled, and research what to do when you are there.
  • Participate in an Acendas Travel virtual visit where our advisors highlight destinations and travel experiences.

Roasting Marshmallows - Mt. McKinley Princess Wilderness LodgeLet’s face it, nothing can match the real thing. But studies show that the anticipation and build up to the actual trip adds to the overall travel experience. Just knowing you are going to be traveling puts a smile on your face, warms the heart and adds pep to your step.  It provides a sense of purpose and establishes a goal for you to achieve.  So, take this opportunity to work with your travel advisor and plan that first step that will take you out of the house and into the world.

It’s time to get excited about the future.