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Business strategist Seth Godin warns us not to get caught up in the beginning of the year trap of setting resolutions to follow. He says they regularly fail because resolve is often in short supply.

Rather, he says we should use the start of 2020 to be a turning point in our lives. It is a chance to make a reset or a do over. But the turning point doesn’t come because you set a goal. It comes because you make a decision that something is important and which is worth working to attain.



With that in mind, the Acendas Travel family (including our sister agencies Gwin’s Travel in St. Louis and Travel Partners in Sioux Falls) encourages you to make a decision that could quite likely make a significant difference in your life. We hope you use 2020 as the time to #travelwithapurpose. As you evaluate what is important in your life and that of others important to you, travel just might be the best course of action you can take.



Let’s face it. Sometimes you just need to get away. However, your travels can be so much more. Perhaps its that final family vacation as the kids have grown and will soon be going their own ways. Or maybe it is a group of friends going on a cruise and getting back together for the first time in years. And what is more special than a couple celebrating their marriage on a honeymoon?



It’s easy to get caught up in the rat race. There’s always a bill to pay. But we believe there is no investment of your time and money that pays a bigger dividend than travel. Let us help you in the decision-making process. Our experienced and trusted advisors have traveled the world over. They know of the perfect destinations and the can map out experiences of a lifetime.


It might just be one of the best decision you ever made.