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Will Travel for Food

You’ve heard the old saying, “getting there is half the fun.” Well, in our experience, eating there is the other half! If you’re a foodie looking for the ultimate cuisine-inspired experience, might we suggest a luxury cruise to satisfy your palate?

The dining found aboard a luxury cruise liner rates among some of the best dining experiences worldwide. Offerings range from traditional dining rooms to over-the-top, world-class specialty restaurants and all the cafes, pastry shops, sports grills, ice cream stands, pizzerias, and sushi bars (to name a few) that a foodie can dream of.

Acendas Vacations travel extraordinaire, gourmand, and globetrotter JoAnne Weeks has spent countless mealtimes onboard a cruise liner. Read along as she shares her favorite tips for scoring the perfect meal!


My dining reservations are confirmed, cooking classes are booked, and I have a running list of the specialty snacks and beverages I want to try throughout the cruise. And this is all before I have even booked my flights!

If you’re anything like me, much of your travel experiences revolve around food. And why not? Food both sustains and pleasures us. Flavors and preparations may vary, but food remains the common link between cultures, allowing us to experience the taste of the landscape and traditions.

I have spent years eating my way through many different countries, and each time I crave a new mouth-watering adventure, I book a cruise. Where else can I have a view and an exquisite meal at my fingertips, morning, noon, and night? But all cruises are not created equal, and just as they can vary in size and entertainment options, there is a wide variety when it comes to dining.

Among my favorite gastronomy-focused cruise liners is Oceania Cruises. As you sail from one captivating destination to the next, Oceania Cruises’ commitment to culinary excellence shines from beginning to end. Garnering countless accolades among the food and travel industries, you will undoubtedly experience the luxury cuisine renowned as the finest at sea onboard an Oceania Cruise.

Once you have decided on a destination, take the time to learn about the various eateries. Many specialty restaurants are very popular and will require reservations made well ahead of your trip. Like beverage packages, dining packages may not include all restaurant options onboard, with some being an additional fee ranging from $30 to $100.

While spending more money may be off-putting to some (as you have already paid a hefty sum for the cruise), many specialty restaurants are nothing short of amazing. In galleys evoking those in Michelin-starred restaurants, gifted chefs create culinary masterpieces that are well deserving of the upcharge. They are great for special occasions, like birthdays and anniversaries, and the food, service, and overall experience should be excellent.

 In addition to specialty restaurants, some cruise liners may request that you choose a dinner time for the evenings you plan to be in the main dining room, usually offering two-to-three time frames to choose from per night. Most tables seat 4 – 8 people, but you may request a table for two ahead of time if you’re seeking privacy.

A cruise is a perfect time to try new dishes since the food is already paid for. Go ahead and tempt your tastebuds without worry. Should you not like it, you can always order something else. Just remember, menu items are often only available for that night. So, if you’re undecided between dishes, order them both! Chances are, it will not be on the menu the following day.

Another reason why I love Oceania is that each restaurant on board is complimentary and features open seating, so you may dine wherever and whenever suits your taste and schedule. However, I still highly recommend making reservations if there is a particular restaurant you’re just dying to try!

If you’re short on time between spa treatments and excursions, or uninterested in a coursed-out meal, buffets have a great assortment of foods with many ethnic varieties to choose from. Gone are the days of the bland buffet options! The sweeping spreads of today’s buffets showcase the chefs’ creativity and the innovative ways they channel their passion into exciting and unique dishes. And luckily for the night owls, some buffets and restaurants remain open through the night, never leaving you hungry.

For those looking to immerse themselves in the regional cuisine, I recommend a food-centered excursion, such as the Culinary Discovery Tours available on Oceania Cruises. Whether you’re touring local food markets, joining a cooking demonstration at a private Venetian villa, or traveling to tropical plantations on a French Polynesian island, Oceania Cruises will connect you with the culinary culture wherever you may be.

And if you want to master your cooking skills and get your hands a little dirty, Oceania Cruises lets you do just that at the Culinary Center, the first hands-on cooking school at sea on the Marina & Riviera. Under the tutelage of master chefs, you can participate in various classes. Spend a day making fresh pasta or discovering French baking fundamentals in a pastry class. Brush up on your knife skills and discover the secret to preparing the perfect fish – the options are as abundant as their menus!

Giving your taste buds an unforgettable journey helps make the trip that much more fun and memorable. You will always have a wide selection of food and culinary experiences available on a cruise liner, making it an ideal choice for both picky and adventurous eaters.

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