Acendas Vacations

Appreciating the Sound of Joy

We won’t deny it.

Acendas Travel vacation advisors are enjoying their telephone conversations much more now than they did this same time last year. While they certainly find it more fulfilling booking travel than cancelling it, their true joy comes in hearing the happiness in the voices of clients ready to explore the world.

Indeed, it is appropriate that May is Travel Agent Appreciation Month. Not only for the deserved recognition the agents receive — but this year as well for their feeling of thanks in being able to pursue their vocation and making their clients happy.

For those who regularly travel, the pandemic left a void in their lives. They missed being out on the road, experiencing what the world has to offer. Now that travel is a reality, their excitement is palpable. It’s like Christmas morning has arrived and they are ready to unwrap their presents. They are ready to travel again and it comes through loud and clear. 

Interestingly, not only are we hearing from clients, but we are also receiving inquiries from those who have never used Acendas Travel. 


Because it is a whole new world when it comes to travel. If you have not flown, rented a car or stayed at a hotel since March 2019, then you should know much has changed. Those new to Acendas Travel are all telling us the same thing — they need help making sure they maximize their enjoyment. The last thing they want are surprises and hassles. They have questions and are looking for a trusted source to provide the answers.

That is where being an advisor comes in.  Acendas Travel agents have never considered themselves a seller of travel. Their focus is on lasting client relationships. You might be surprised that our advisors will never tell you when or where you should travel. That is your personal decision. Their job is to provide as much information so that you are confident in your decision. Because of their own travel experience, a network of advisors, connections with vendors and through feedback of clients, we have the best and most up to date information.

Travel for the remainder of 2021 and into 2022 will be different than the past. Cruising will be limited. Flight schedules will be reduced. Some resorts will not be operating at capacity. Don’t despair, however. There will still be plenty of wonderful opportunities for you. Our travel partners have been determined, creative and thorough in creating memorable travel experiences, despite the pandemic.

So, is it time to travel?  That is for you to answer. But if you are looking to have that conversation, the best place to start is with your travel agent. You’ll leave having confidence that you made the right decision based on the best information available.

That is something we can all appreciate.