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Building Lasting Relationships is at the Core of What We Do

Without strong relationships, we wouldn’t have a purpose and we wouldn’t be who we are. From our clients to our associates and our community, building lasting relationships is deeply embedded in our company DNA. It’s this approach that sets us apart from other travel management companies in the industry.

Through our efforts to cultivate lasting relationships, our retention and referral rates for corporate travel clients are well-above national averages. And we’re proud that our success is due to our focus on people instead of the transaction. While transacting an airplane ticket, a room reservation, or a rental car agreement are essential in our business, our objective is to provide superior service to our client companies and care for the traveler. Whether we help the company as a whole, the travel manager or the traveler, our commitment is to win-win solutions that cement our relationship for the long-term.

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Why Choose Acendas Travel

Not all travel management companies are created equal -- and they certainly don't offer the same value. Built on pillars of integrity, relationships, talent and a strong investment in technology, Acendas Travel is recognized as an industry leader. You choose partners because of the value they deliver. Our promise to you is to demonstrate:
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General FAQs

Risk can impact your company from a simple non-adherence to travel policies to the impact of a worst-case crisis scenario. At Acendas, we are firm believers in the power of data, and we leverage it to help those responsible better identify, visualize, and mitigate financial risks from your travel programs. Also, we approach assessing your risk carefully and consistently to give you a clear picture for today and the future. The following problem of lost productivity and time provides an example of a solution:

We offer clients Concur, Deem and Zeno online booking tools with mobile capabilities to improve efficiency based on adoption. We will incorporate strategic direction, leading-edge technologies, and best-in-class solutions for online adoption growth, productivity tools, online tool user training, and ROI.

We work with travel managers to understand your company’s culture and can help you establish a travel policy. Also, we can help you institute an umbrella policy for all employees and provide travel policy management and enforcement if needed.

Yes. At Acendas Travel, we offer strategic data capture and analysis through our reporting system, DecisionSource®. This platform is vital for managing your travel program efficiently. Monthly, quarterly, and year-end-data performance reviews reveal critical opportunities for additional savings, leveraging spending, gaining program compliance, and capturing rogue spending. Also, it allows us to analyze overall spending, industry benchmarking, contract compliance, preferred supplier compliance, and potential areas to negotiate and/or consider alternate suppliers.

The health and safety of your business travelers are our priority. Our approach to crisis management goes beyond around-the-clock support to include medical crisis insurance options, proprietary people assistance software, and real-time trip information. When an event happens anywhere in the world that could disrupt a trip or compromise your travelers’ safety, we activate our resources to get them out of harm’s way proactively.

Also, we provide 24/7 worldwide en route services for travelers and real-time flight information that is mobile-enabled. In addition, we communicate during global travel disruptions to affected clients and contact travelers accordingly.

No. We work with our clients to provide customized services and solutions. Our agent-assisted reservations are not sent to a call center. Also, we offer after-hours emergency service and a premium Elite VIP service that provides a dedicated counselor to meet your needs.

At Acendas Travel, we know keeping an eye on the bottom line is essential for running a sustainable business. To help our clients, we have resources for online and agent-assisted bookings to help grow adoption levels within your travel program. Also, consolidating your purchasing under one umbrella results in greater leverage in negotiations with airline, hotel, and car vendors. This approach can translate to greater savings to you.