BCD Travel - Acendas Travel Partnership Provides Our Clients with Added Savings, Resources & Peace of Mind

In 2001, Acendas Travel began a partnership with BCD Travel, the world’s third largest buyer of corporate travel with a presence of 3,200 global locations. The focus of the relationship was to share buying power and technology assets and enhance our corporate travel services. While BCD Travel targets larger multinational business entities, Acendas Travel’s niche is the small to medium enterprise (SME) with annual travel spends of $250,000 to $25 million annually.

Since the partnership began, the Acendas Travel – BCD Travel relationship has developed from a simple exchange of resources to a collaborative platform to best serve clients. In fact, Acendas Travel is now a wholly owned subsidiary of BCD Travel.

What does that mean for your business? It means that Acendas Travel  and BCD Travel are working together to provide:

The Acendas Travel – BCD Travel partnership offers the best corporate travel services, while delivering the best-managed corporate travel solutions. Click here to download a PDF with added details on the Acendas Travel – BCD Travel relationship.

Our Niche: the Small to Medium Enterprise

In forming the partnership, BCD Travel designated Acendas Travel as its Small to Medium Enterprise (SME) brand for managed travel. That means we offer superior corporate travel services with a nimbleness and a personalized approach. Under this umbrella, we serve companies with an annual travel budget (air, hotel, and rental car) of $250,000 to $25 million.  Also, our relationship allows us to deliver to mid-market companies an optimal level of service that would not occur through the world’s three largest travel providers.

Also, this approach provided Acendas Travel with open access to a wealth of knowledge and global consolidation expertise associated with a worldwide network that includes: