Cost Savings

Corporate Travel Planning That Offers Peace of Mind

Non-compliance or lack of a corporate travel planning policy can be a source of broken budgets and failing travel programs. At Acendas Travel, we’ve designed our cost savings strategies to include technology solutions for generating a greater ROI for our clients. As travel requirements shift, we aim to provide you with flexibility and resources to help monitor, analyze, and control your spend.  Consequently, we offer the following corporate travel planning programs to help you realize greater cost savings.

Price Assurance - Air

With this proprietary technology, Acendas can deliver the lowest available airfare. Within 24 hours of booking, the tool searches for lower fares and alerts the agent. When a lower fare is found and the traveler agrees, we will re-book the flight. If the ticket is outside of the 24-hour void window, Price Assurance - Air will also look for lower fares and alert the agent. However, we will perform this search only if the savings amount exceeds the ticket penalty. You can have confidence that this travel solution will provide the lowest fares. And will give additional savings. Learn more about our Price Assurance technology by clicking here to download a PDF.

Price Assurance - Hotel

This proprietary technology ensures that Acendas Travel delivers the lowest available hotel room rate for your travelers. Throughout a traveler’s stay, we continuously monitor and analyze booked rates. If we identify a lower hotel rate, we contact the traveler for approval to re-book them at the reduced rate and report the savings back to you. This approach gives travelers the confidence they’re getting the lowest hotel rate. We estimate that we identify lower rates 10 percent of the time.

BCD Travel Hotel and Car Discounts

With its purchasing volume and access to BCD Travel discounts, Acendas Travel can deliver cost savings for air, car rentals and hotel rooms. And these rates are not available to corporate travelers making their own purchases. Our ability to negotiate favorable prices and pass along discounts is just one advantage of having a managed travel program.

The following are global discounts available to our clients:

BCD Global Hotel Program – At no cost to the client, this program offers discounted rates from 5% to 40% on all property types, from economy to luxury, at over 40,000 properties in 3,530 cities worldwide.

Rental Car Discounts – Alternative options are available through the BCD program that provides discounted rates and cost-saving specials with Avis and National/Enterprise car rental companies.

Air Discounts  As part of our BCD Global partnership, Acendas Travel can provide our clients with air discounts on numerous airlines, including upfront disconts on five major US cariers and sixty-seven Intenational Carriers.  These discounts are automatically loaded into our system and are available for both agent assisted and online bookings.  Additionally, these BCD discounts can be used in tandem with the client’s own negotiated discounts.

Unused Tickets

Through Acendas’ proprietary automation, Ticketrak®, we can maximize overall travel performance and control air spending. Ticketrak facilitates the tracking and use of non-refundable tickets. The tool tracks and reports unused, non-refundable tickets, and then stores them in the traveler’s profile for immediate access and/or reuse during full-service or online booking processes. Existing funds can be managed in the tool’s reporting feature, which is listed by traveler and shows unused tickets available for reuse, tickets used, and tickets about to expire. Click here to download a PDF on unused tickets.

International Rate Desk

International travel, especially complex, multi-destination trips, presents significant overspending and safety risks. To mitigate those risks, Acendas Travel’s International Rate Desk Specialists, who each have significant experience, thoroughly research and review all the following options prior to ticketing.
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ROR Scorecard

Our Return on Relationship (ROR) scorecard is how we document the value of your managed travel program. While a travel management company can provide an upfront evaluation of the cost of a program and the associated savings, it is vital to have an ongoing measurement of spend. Through Acendas Travel’s quarterly review program and its ROR Report, companies can get performance reports at designated intervals or in real-time.

ROR Scorecard