Online Booking Tools

Ease of Use, 24/7 Access, Full Systems Integration

A major advance in managed travel has been the development of the online booking tool or OBT to which they are often referred. OBTs, as the name implies, are web-based tools that offer the opportunity to book various aspects of travel that are in compliance with a company’s travel policy. Users can reserve hotels, rental cars, flights and more through this tool that is compatible with desktop, tablet and smartphone platforms.

There are many advantages to utilize OBTs from a traveler perspective, including a lower transaction cost than arranging travel through a live agent. The ease of use also allows the traveler 24/7 access, self-management such as making travel updates, tracking of travel and integration with various expense platforms a company may use. In addition, OBTs often include information regarding your trip such as any health-related information, attractions, dining, entertainment at or near your destination.

Acendas Travel utilizes three different OBT options in building a managed travel program for its clients: Concur, Deem and Zeno. Here is a brief overview of each:

Deem (Etta):
Zeno (by Serko):

The Acendas Travel team will listen to your needs, evaluate your operations and make a suggestion as to the OBT that makes the best sense for you.