Hotel Programs

Corporate Hotel Booking Saves Time, Money, and More

Acendas Travel designed its corporate hotel program to provide you with a wide selection of quality hotels. When you rely on Acendas Travel for your hotel booking, our program allows you to explore various opportunities for:

We also measure the program’s success through the attachment rate, a ratio of your hotel nights booked compared to the number of air travel nights. A low attachment rate results from hotel rooms booked outside the travel program. At Acendas Travel, our corporate hotel booking can help you increase hotel attachment and mitigate policy non-compliance, unmanaged spending, and security risks.

Tools and Resources Strengthen Attachment Rate


Through this proprietary technology, we ensure the option of the lowest available hotel room rates for your travelers. We continuously monitor booked hotel rates throughout a hotel stay. If we find the hotel establishes a lower rate, we will contact the traveler for approval to rebook their hotel reservation at the lower rate and report the savings back to you. We estimate that we identify lower rates 10 percent of the time. Our solution gives travelers the confidence they’re getting the lowest hotel rate and provides you with additional savings.

Hotel Program

Sometimes travelers will book a flight and perhaps a rental car, but may leave the hotel reservation for a later date. Or, they will book hotel nights outside the travel program (i.e., through consumer websites). With this tool, travelers receive email notifications reminding them to book a hotel reservation when they don’t provide a reason for not booking at the time of arranging air travel.

RFP Management

Hotel options for travelers are virtually unlimited. So what is the best choice for frequently booked hotels and locations? With this tool, Acendas Travel helps you navigate the maze by managing the RFP process. As a result, you can be confident you have explored all hotel and location options. Also, we provide you with a preferred hotel program that best matches the services, amenities, and pricing you want.

Global Discounts

There is strength in numbers, and as a subsidiary of BCD Travel, we provide cost savings that others cannot match. Some of these savings include: