Travel Management

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Planning business travel can be a time-consuming and complex proposition for those without the resources or expertise. By standardizing the process, a travel management program can save money, improve and reduce confusion. The program also provides safety features by assisting where travelers are during their journey. Travel management programs specify how employees purchase travel with policies and procedures for:

At Acendas Travel, we work with clients to evaluate their current travel processes and identify the challenges they face. Then we customize a travel management program with services and technology specific to their needs. Next, we ensure a thorough, but expedient implementations. Finally, we offer a team of travel experts to support the client and their travelers.

Travel Management Platform Focused on Your Needs

At Acendas, we don’t just promise. We deliver. No matter your needs, our priority is to progressively serve your organization with the very best serviceknowledgeinnovation, and expertise.

Consulting Services

Wide-ranging consulting services to support client travel programs. Learn More

Data & Analytics

Acendas Travel's DecisionSource® provides precise, pertinent data that helps clients evaluate their travel program and make decisions for adjustments. Learn More

Global Consolidation

Consolidate all components of your managed travel program under one umbrella to save money, enhance efficiencies and improve traveler assistance. Learn More

Group Air, Meetings, Events

Coordinating travel for large groups of people can be overwhelming. Rely on Acendas Travel group air desk, which is ready to help you get your traveling group to a single location. No matter where your destination is worldwide. Learn more. Learn More

Hotel Programs

Choose from a wide selection of quality hotels, increase hotel attachment, and mitigate policy non-compliance, unmanaged spending, and security risks. Learn More

Online Booking Tools

Technology available to travelers that allows them to manage their journeys themselves and access additional information is support of their trip. Learn More

Practice Groups

We provide corporate travel services for clients nationwide in virtually every industry. However, we have specific expertise and experience in the following industries: Architecture/Engineering/Construction; Banking/Finance; Manufacturing; Health Care/Medical; Technology. Learn More

Pre-Travel Services

A procedure that considers ongoing safety issues and expenses to more efficiently process planning and booking. To help you manage the expenses for the services received, we provide a pre-trip invoice to confirm your booking after we make the reservation. Learn More

Program Implementation

You’ve made the decision to implement a managed travel program – and then reality hits you square in the face: you have to implement it across the company. There are many considerations that go into deciding to use a particular travel management company, but one should not be an afterthought – getting to the finish line. Implementing the program is where the rubber meets the road. Learn More

Structure, Process, Accountability

If your travel program is not delivering results, or if it is keeping you from achieving greater success, then it is time to have the conversation. The combination of cutting-edge technology and a dedicated team of talented professionals separates Acendas Travel from the competition.