Providing Unmatched Expertise to Enhance the Travel Experience

Acendas Travel opened its doors October 21, 1982 as a full-service travel agency operating as All About Travel in Kansas City. It features products and services for corporate travel programs, leisure travel experiences, and support for meeting and incentive travel activities.

We’ve built our success on a foundation of relationship building, outstanding customer service, and the latest technological innovation to enhance the travel experience

In January 2012, the company changed its name to Acendas Travel, a derivation of Latin and Greek words meaning “to lift” and “to serve.” It aligned with the company’s mission to lift the lives of individuals and the performance of companies by providing high-quality service

Global Partnerships Strengthen Value Proposition

Several strategic decisions have propelled Acendas Travel to the elite of travel companies. First, it entered into a joint venture relationship with world leader BCD Travel in 2001 to support corporate travel programming. The move allowed Acendas Travel to utilize BCD Travel’s technology platform and international offices, and offer travel discounts to clients thanks to BCD’s purchasing power. In 2017, Acendas Travel became a wholly-owned subsidiary of BCD Travel.

The Acendas Travel Vacation Division is a member of the Signature Travel Network and focuses on premium and luxury travel services. The relationship affords Acendas Travel vacation clients a diversity of travel opportunities and outstanding values through significant purchasing power. Members of the network include some of the country’s top leisure travel agencies and most respected travel providers.

Going from Good to Great

In the early 2000s, Acendas Travel began to apply the principles of the book, Good to Great by Jim Collins, to the management of the company. Concepts such as “getting the right people on the bus and in the right seats” / “confront the brutal facts” / “a culture of discipline” were key in elevating company performance. The development of its hedgehog concept: “creating lasting client relationships” crystalized what Acendas Travel could be best at. That is manifested in an extremely high client retention rate for corporate clients, and strong repeat and referrals for vacation custome

Giving Back to Our Communities

From the beginning, one of our core beliefs is helping to improve the lives of others in our communities. We do this by giving back through donations and sponsorships, volunteering, and participating in local events. Activities are driven and coordinated by a cross-functional, cross-located group of team members known as Team Acendas. This group meets monthly to identify opportunities and activities, schedule them as appropriate, and then enlists team members to participate.

The following are some of our community activities:

Recognition Worth Mentioning

Acendas Travel’s financial success, contributions to the community and its longevity has earned it recognition inside and outside of the travel industry. Here are some of the recent awards or mentions for the company and its staff: