Are Your Travel Tools More Like a Model T than a Smart Car?

Is your company enhancing the staff travel experience by providing self-service technology solutions? These technology advancements include allowing mobile bookings to be completed — not only in compliance with corporate travel policy –, but also aligned to travelers’ unique preferences and requirements. This is pretty amazing, considering mobile phones have essentially been in mass production for 26 years. They got smarter with the Blackberry several years later, and then improved when the iPhone was launched just over a decade ago.

While it should not be too surprising, the data shows companies that focus on mobile strategies decrease traveler stress and generate a better overall travel experience. As business travelers have been more accepting of new technologies, the dependency on mobile devices has also grown. That means Wi-Fi is now a crucial element of a productive trip. These technologies include mobile, online booking, travel applications, traveler tracking, increased capabilities of airport self-service kiosks, and enhanced information on airport digital displays.

Ever leave your phone at home — or worse –, lose it? Now, imagine traveling without one? Mobile apps are a virtual necessity for business travel that offer a complete experience, whether it’s through a supplier or a booking tool. This progression of travel apps allows business travelers to use a smart device to manage and support their trips. There is also a vast selection of travel related apps available that includes managing currencies, navigating languages, and planning a route.

Acendas Connect

We launched our mobile app to meet the needs of our clients and their travelers. Acendas Connect is Acendas Travel’s must have mobile application for business travelers that personalizes the travel experience. Travelers can book their next trip, check their travel policy, and receive communications to avoid travel delays and disruptions.

With the Acendas Connect mobile application, travelers have instant access to all their travel information, right in the palm of their hand. Acendas Connect is a resource that not only helps travelers, but can also support corporate travel programs, policy, and duty of care. The Acendas Connect app ensures that travelers have a stress-free trip. Other key features of our mobile app include: check into flights, view upcoming and past itineraries, get real-time flight alerts, contact an Acendas agent or team member, push notifications such as boarding alerts and traffic delays, report a traveler’s location for duty of care, and share trips with others.

Mobile Strategy

In this increasingly mobile world, businesses must have a sound strategy to maintain duty of care compliance and traveler satisfaction. Business travelers’ use of mobile offers new opportunities for travel managers to allow instant access to communicate, advise, and affect purchase options. Mobile can be used to guide travelers to decisions through pertinent information or support.

We believe companies cannot afford to be without a corporate travel program that utilizes mobile applications. Our white paper details the motivations and steps to establishing a mobile travel program strategy. Click the link below for “10 Guidelines to a Successful Mobile Travel Program.”