Change is brewing at U.S. hotels

Hotels across the United States are brewing up change and saying adios to instant coffee brewed in old-fashioned pots. Instead, a number of hotels are choosing artisanal coffee for their patrons.

“Coffee is too often overlooked, but it is truly important to restaurant patrons and hotel guests,” Stephen Wancha, director of Food and Beverage at the Four Seasons Orlando, told USA Today.

The Four Seasons Orlando offers 3 different blends in guest rooms with Nespresso machines.

“Great restaurants and hotels/resorts are taking the time to research origins and blend options, train their teams, maintain equipment and deliver a stellar experience — much like they do with their food and spirit programs. Quality coffee programs have become dining differentiators,” Wancha said.

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A number of hotels are gearing their coffee offerings to the younger travelers who prefer locally sourced and produced products.

The James Chicago and Brookly Marriott have partnered with a local roastery. While The Wayfarer at the Quin Hotel in New York, took it a step further and created its own brand of cold brew coffee with local coffee brewers For Five Coffee Roasters.

Hotels are also offering a nighttime twist to their coffee offerings.

“While many of our guests were ordering coffee from us, they were going out to get specialty coffee items, such as iced coffee,” Sarah Karakaian, head bartender at the lounge, told USA Today. “We thought if we offered a specialty cold coffee, this would be a compelling reason for them to spend more time at Measure Lounge.”

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