Data-Driven Decisions Provide the Best Results

Terri Barton, Vice President Corporate Travel

The growth of technology applications in the travel industry over the past decade has obviously created efficiencies, but perhaps more important, it has also allowed for the compilation of large amounts of data to measure and monitor corporate travel programs — and ultimately make better decisions.

Corporate travel is typically a company’s second or third largest area of controllable spending. So paying close attention to that investment should be a priority. As a BCD Travel Company, Acendas Travel utilizes DecisionSource technology to provide consolidated, analyzed, and actionable data to help clients quickly address policy compliance issues, strengthen vendor negotiations, and maximize their travel program performance.

For example, the Executive Summary provides a regular snapshot of your total travel spend in tables, graphics, data lists and metrics that allow for month-over-month comparisons. The Traveler Report Card is fully customizable to hone on travel behaviors, weighted according to variables deemed most important. The monthly comparison reveals how the program achieves Key Performance Indicators. For example, is there compliance with hotel and car rental policies? 

The onset of the pandemic created a need to monitor unused tickets to an even greater extent. Through the Monthly Unused Ticket Report or by using our proprietary All-Access Report, companies can prevent added expenses or the loss of refunds in the ticket management process. While we certainly hope we never face another pandemic, we know there are travel disruptions that result in unused tickets. 

If there is one area where the data is taking on greater prominence, it is in the area of traveler wellness. Utilizing DecisionSource, we can deliver data that compares travel for associates over time. Such a comparison might reveal your road warrior team has actually increased time on the road by 15 percent. Or, there might be a group of travelers that has continually had early morning departure and late evening arrivals. Or, the report might indicate the travel has been difficult with several stops and long layovers. Monitoring travel is important to the wellness of team members.

The beauty of Acendas Travel’s programs is one-size does not fit all. It can be customized to meet specific needs, and the data is specific to a particular company as well. In fact, it is the data that allows changes and further customization should deficiency be identified. Combined with the reporting is the analysis and strategy provided by the Acendas Travel program management team. These professionals work with your team to develop a travel arrangement that maximizes efficiency, keeps expenses down and savings up, and enables duty of care compliance. 

Travel programs used to largely be the process of booking a flight, registering for a hotel room and reserving a car. There was not extensive management. Today, travel programs include those actions, but so much more. As the saying goes, “that which is measured, gets managed.” Having the data at your disposal facilitates management to a positive outcome.