Standing Behind our Promise 

It does not take long before a meeting with a prospect touches upon the issue of dollars and cents. 

That is understandable, especially if you have unmanaged travel for your company or organization. Early in our conversations, prospective clients want to know what it will cost to utilize our travel management services.  

Our response is straightforward – not only will we save you money, but we can prove it. That is a bold statement, but we have the tools and history on our side. Through technology and exclusive discounts for air, hotel, and rental cars, we can guarantee you will save money compared to what you are paying for the going market rate.  

We demonstrate these savings in detail through our Return on Relationship (ROR) scorecard. We dig down and share the minute details as to where you will save money and what costs you will have for utilizing our travel program. In general, you will save 12-16 percent of what you are spending on travel, while incurring an expense of 1.25-1.75 percent. Below is a graphic of that report showing the details of how we arrive at the overall savings. 

We call this a Return on Relationship because the program we offer is not purely plug and play. Our focus on lasting client relationships means we are in continual contact with you to monitor the program to make sure those savings are realized – making mutually agreed upon changes, as necessary. It is the presence of a relationship that creates long term benefits for you, rather than focusing on short term gains that can quickly evaporate. 

For more information, please click this link to watch a video on the ROR Scorecard concept. 

ROR Scorecard



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